Devotional Poems

By Ronald Tobey

Rest In Peace, Allen Ginsberg, 1926-1997

Several years before his death, Allen Ginsberg testified that his favorite poem was William Wordsworth's “Ode - Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.”

I wrote the poems below in the 1990s, in celebration of friends and family, as inspired by correspondence and visits with my long time friends in New England, Roger Amsden, Robert Chadbourne, and Diana Parker Forbes.

New England Barn Ruins
I have treasured memories being called to family dinners at Lucknow in New Hampsire by my grandmother playing a Tiffany dinner chime. When we moved to our home in Riverside, I obtained a dinner chime (a humble dining car steward's chime) to hang in our own dining room.
Benediction for My Father
My father (d. 1992) loved the outdoor life in New Hampshire, including hunting deer. He taught me to hunt deer when I was a teenager. I obtained some of my fondest memories of New Hampshire's beautiful countryside while hunting.
Vesper Light
For my beloved uncle, J. Calvin Carpenter
(d. 2001).
September 1, 2002