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Emma Harriet (Tobey) Dearborn (Stearns, II, 213)

Harriet A. (Tobey) Sherwell (Stearns, II, 631))

Emma Harriet (Tobey) (Dearborn) Robie (Stearns, II, 571)

Map of Vassalboro, Maine

I am grateful to Steve Farrington of Kingston, New Hampshire, for sharing an 1879 place map of Vassalboro, Maine. The map clearly shows the homesteads of F. [Francis] Tobey and E. [Edward] Tobey, next to each other on the east side of Webber Pond (if the pond is a clock, the farms are located at 4:00).

Francis Tobey and his wife, Olive Cross Tobey, were the grandfather and grandmother of my grandfather, Fred Charles Tobey, and the mother and father of Harriet Tobey and Charles Tobey, all persons references in Stearns genealogies of Plymouth, New Hampshire.

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Vassalboro, Maine, 1879

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Vassalboro, Maine

March 15, 2007; revised September 3, 2007.